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Juan hails from Lima, Peru. He has earned a degree from San Ignacio de Loyola University as a systems engineer. Before starting his career as a web developer, he created, a service that let its users use Twitter via SMS in Peru (at that time that feature was US only). Taiper got quite popular, but it also had a short lifespan since smartphone use was on the rise. After a year and a half, Juan decided to shut down Taiper and start his web development career. While his work focuses on bringing the best experience to its users, his nonwork interests range widely, from solar panels to digital liberties. He would enjoy a nice chat about all of these topics. More info on how Taiper worked: Interview


Steeprock2022-11-12 — present

Senior NextJS Software Developer

I'm helping to rewrite a legacy application. Moving the codebase to a server-side rendered architecture using Next.js.


  • Helped create fundamental abstractions to develop the application on top of.
  • Used Material UI to leverage the application design system.
  • Worked on the WYSIWYG component using Draft.js to allow the users to submit richly formatted text.

Understanding JavaScript Promises2022-03-30 — 2022-06-30


Contacted the author Nicholas C. Zakas (eslint creator) to help him translate his latest book Understanding JavaScript Promises to Spanish, resulting in my first publishing experience.


  • Translated the book with code examples and extras, so the reader can get the complete experience.
  • In a way, I feel that now, more people can access high technical content in their own language.

Openpolitica.com2020-11-15 — 2022-10-28

Tech lead

Open Politica is a Peruvian organization that seeks to strengthen and encourage the participation of Peruvian citizens in political decision-making through the development of digital tools that promote access to information.


  • Led Open politica's tech team while developing, the first big project that we created, is a smart vote tool that helped more than 1 million Peruvians to make a better decision when it came to decide how to cast their votes on Peru's latest presidential election.
  • Defined a workflow for the Product and Design team in which requirements were clearly specified, so the tech team did not have too many blockers on their end.
  • Helped recruit new volunteers in a multidisciplinary and inclusive way, getting wonderful results and a technical team that can work on any task assigned.
  • Worked with and helped the team on learning a state-of-the-art stack. NextJS, ReactJS, Vercel and Styled-components.

Formelife.com2021-02-15 — 2021-12-01

ReactJS Software Developer

Formelife is a fitness technology startup that wants to revolutionize the workout-at-home concept. It has developed a smart mirror in which end users can follow live and Video on demand workout sessions as they see themselves reflected.


  • Helped designing, developing and testing the Trainer suite React application.
  • Worked closely with the WebRTC protocol to accomplish 1-on-1 live calls with end users.

Laboratoria.la2018-11-08 — 2020-10-08

Lead Coach / Curriculum Designer

Laboratoria is a Latinoamerican NGO whose solely mission is to bring opportunities to women in the technology world by teaching them to code. With more than 5 years working on this mission, it has already opened operations in 5 Latinoamerican countries.


  • Helped designing and maintaining the actual JavaScript boot camp content.
  • Coached two generations from start to end and helped them find great opportunities in their local area.
  • Helped in the hiring process as the Company kept growing.

Able.co2016-10-08 — 2018-10-08

Project Lead / Tech Lead

Able is a Portfolio Company that relies technically on its own Software Engineers to deliver long term, highly maintainable, web projects; it focuses on people and process instead of technologies.


  • Led a team of 8 people to ship one of the most ambitious projects in the Company.
  • Created a Slack bot to ease the management of recurrent processes related with lunchtime inside the Company.
  • Helped in the hiring process as the Company kept growing.

Hiperderecho ( — 2016-10-08

Project Lead

Hiperderecho is a local NGO from Perú, they are focused on raising awareness of digital liberties in the country and the region. They asked me to develop a complete web application to automate Freedom of Information Requests (


Devcode.la2015-11-20 — 2016-12-15

Instructor JavaScript

We recorded a complete adavnced course called “NodeJS avanzado”, the course is online at (paywall).


  • Share knowledge on my native language for technical topics.
  • Got positive feedback from my peers and subscribers.

Juanlajara.com2013-01-01 — 2016-01-01


I accepted projects from local and regional popular brands to help them develop their online audience, by building from scratch their web presence and developing their own web sites and applications.


  • Developed the regional websites for Kimberly Clark.
  • Developed the local website for Pizza Hut.
  • Developed web applications for brands like Burger King, Kia and KFC.

Delucio.com2011-06-01 — 2013-01-01

Web developer

Worked as a web developer, using contemporary tools like jQuery and Bootstrap.


  • Gave maintainance to the local website of Boticas Fasa.
  • Gave maintainance to the local website of Gildemeister.

LimaJS2014-01-01 — 2018-10-04


Community of local JavaScript enthusiasts.


  • Represented the community in the Technological week for the PUCP University 2016.

Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola2003-03-01 — 2007-12-20

Information Technology

JSConf2019-10-18 — 2019-10-19

JSConf Colombia 2019

JSConf2018-11-16 — 2018-11-17

JSConf Colombia 2018

JSConf2017-11-08 — 2017-11-09

JSConf Colombia 2017

JSConf2015-11-04 — 2015-11-05

JSConf Colombia 2015

JSConf2015-08-15 — 2015-08-16

JSConf Argentina 2014

JSConf2015-11-10 — 2015-11-11

JSConf Argentina 2012


  • Callbacks
  • Promises
  • Functional Programming
  • EcmaScript2020
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Lodash

Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Websockets
  • DOM APIs


  • Streams
  • NPM
  • IO

NoSQL Database

  • RethinkDB
  • MongoDB

SQL Database

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
Native speaker


  • Hobby DJ
  • Hobby Producer

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